2011 National Western Stock Show

2011 National Western Stock Show


We had a great time at the National Western Stock Show held in Denver, Colorado this year. Galloways from all over the Western United States were represented, and it was great to see the wide range of quality Galloways. The friendly environment was the real thread of the Show, as when we showed up our stalls had been taken over by Angus folks! Due to the kindness and generosity of Galloway people we were able to scrunch in our five head amongst others! The show went well and the belties truly had a great showing!

2011 Rsv. Champion Junior Heifer (1st in Class)
Bell T Bar Tia
(Bell T Bar Panda Bear X Rousseau Farms Diesel)


2011 Rsv. Champion Junior Bull (2nd in Class)
Bell T Bar George Washington
(Atens Angel X Rousseau Farms Diesel)


2011 Champion Prospect Steer (1st in Class)
Bell T Bar Samual Adams
(Atens Limo X Rousseau Farms Diesel)


2011 Rsv Champion Sr. Bull (2nd in Class)
Rousseau Farms Diesel
(Rousseau Farms Che X Rolands Fortune 500)